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Proposal Development for OSU Extension

The Grant Development Support Unit, as part of the CFAES Office for Research and Graduate Education, exists to support CFAES principal investigators (PIs) - faculty members and OSU Extension Educators - with grant preparation, proposal submissions, and team building. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of CFAES proposals and to increase the number of proposals submitted to federal sponsors.

To learn more about obtaining PI status as an extension professional and applying for externally funded projects, we recommend you look over the Policies and Procedures available on the OSU Extension website. 

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Fulfilling commitments with Extension's existing partners is our first priority. New resources provided by contracts, grants, gifts, and user fees are pursued and accepted when:

  1. The proposed programs fit with Extension's vision, mission, and priorities;
  2. The values and reputation of the funding organization are consistent with Extension's values and reputation;
  3. There is no expectation of compromising Extension's values;
  4. There is adequate funding to support the programs;
  5. Existing commitments are not compromised; and
  6. Expertise to support the program is available.

Unsure whether your award would be classified as a sponsored project or a gift? Check out our guide to help you determine the classification and processing of these complex funds. 

If have you been contacted by a county agency for a project or a funder has reached out to you with an opportunity, this guide can help you work through decisions regarding project details.

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Initiating a New Project

Are you and Extension Educator interested in starting a new project? Follow this guide is to help Extension Staff work with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to implement new projects. Use this form to notify your Sponsored Program Officer (SPO) as soon as you know of a potential sponsor so they can start the process. It could take up to 2-4 weeks to establish worktags for projects.

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A sponsored project budget is an estimated financial representation of the proposal’s statement of work. Consequently, a proposal’s budget should demonstrate how the University will achieve the project’s objectives with an appropriate amount of resources. Review the OSU Extension OSP Budget Proprosal Template to begin plugging in the numbers for your potential award. 

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Applying for a Grant with the GDSU Game

Infographic of the game of applying for a grant with the Grant Development Support Unit

This infographic was designed to help you become a proposal master by learning the grant seeking process. Win the game by collecting grant dollars, advancing your research and/or extension mission, and saving the world through scientific discovery and service enrichment!  

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Next Steps

To see the roles of the Primary Investigator, Grant Development Support Unit and the Office of Sponsored Programs, click here. If you would like assistance with your proposal, please fill out our Request Services form. We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

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