COVID-19 Guidance

As information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak develops we will share pertinent guidance for the OSU CFAES research community, here. 

Request Research/Extension Exemptions

Research and Extension Activities Under Ohio Stay at Home Order
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

The state of Ohio is under a “Stay at Home” order effective through at least April 6. This order may be extended, however, there are exemptions for activities that influence the entire food supply chain, ranging from agricultural production to grocery stores remaining open. Much of the research and Extension work done by CFAES supports the food supply chain and natural resource base.

Given that, we have sought exemption for a very limited number of CFAES Research and Extension activities in support of critical areas.

Mission critical is defined as work that is either focused on COVID-19 OR essential for the immediate benefit of maintaining the food supply chain, or protection of critical natural resources such as water.  Factors such as the investment in an on-going study, or delays in a study or graduate student progress will unfortunately not be a factor in approving continuing activities. To be sure, our research will be adversely impacted, and we need to accept that. Whether or not you believe that the measures being undertaken by the government and university are warranted is beside the point; we do not have the option to ignore them. There is a reason why we have, and listen to, public health experts.

Research or Extension activities which fall into the following areas and deemed critical to the food supply chain, will be reviewed for potential continuance while the order is in effect. All activities approved for continuance will be required to maintain all relevant health and safety precautions to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Approval may be rescinded if relevant health and safety precautions are not utilized, or additional restrictions are put into place by the State of Ohio, The Ohio State University (OSU), or the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

1.) Diagnostic services for plants in support of agriculture. Distance diagnostics will be encouraged. Samples must be mailed to the appropriate labs and no drop off samples will be accepted.
2.) Field operations including annual planting and maintenance of crops, trees, and vines to prevent long-term damage to our operations and ability to serve Ohio agriculture.
3.) Field research or projects, including Extension on-farm and Extension projects, that provide direct support of essential food production planned for the coming growing season, animal breeding, natural resources including water quality, and other activities may be eligible to proceed where an entire year of information would is lost or critical food production would be affected.
4.) Research related to COVID-19 

For any activities that do continue, the following guidance must be strictly followed:
-No more than two individuals may be present where the work is being conducted and they must maintain appropriate social distance regardless of whether the work is taking place indoors or outside,
-No more than one person per vehicle if travel to off-campus sites is required to complete the work,
-All necessary PPE must be available and utilized, including provisions for washing or sanitizing hands,
-Minimize time on campus or in any buildings, greenhouses, shops, and barns. Complete approved task and return to working at home immediately,
-Conduct all meetings virtually,
-Minimize contact between persons,
-Initiate enhanced cleaning procedures in the lab and other work areas,
-Maintain an updated log of everyone who works in the lab, greenhouse, or field,
-Perform data analysis, writing, and other tasks remotely,
-Develop contingency plans for the proposed activities, taking into consideration personnel contact lists and plans, potential personnel absences and illnesses, and limited or delayed supply availability.

Approval Process: Faculty or unit leaders complete the survey to submit the request. Requests will be reviewed by the appropriate Associate Dean and decisions communicated back to the individual identified as the contact person. Appeals will be handled by VP/Dean Cathann Kress and decisions will be final.

To access the survey, click here. Please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when accessing the survey. 
To view the questions on the survey, click here. 

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IT Support

For technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk offers 24-hour support, seven days a week, via email and phone.
-Phone: 614-688-4357call 614-514-4848 x3 for Wooster
-Self-Service and Chat support:
-Text Telephone for the Deaf: 614-688-8743
If you have any accessibility concerns related to working remotely, contact the Digital Accessibility Center for assistance.

Federal Agency Updates

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General questions:
Travel related questions:
Travel reporting: 
Your research program: Sponsored Program Officers 
IRB Protocols:
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COVID-19 Case Reporting
If you receive a report, confirmed or unconfirmed, that a member of your team has been exposed to or has contracted coronavirus (COVID-19), please email Brandi and Nicole, your CFAES HR Business Partners. Faculty and staff report directly to Brandi and Nicole, in an email addressed to both of them. 

Please include the following information: 
-If ther person is hospitalized, where? 
-Timelines (when did they fall ill/when confirmed) 
-Is this suspected or confirmed? 
-Location of work if different 
-Location of Office 
-Dot number
-Employee ID
-Full Name - if they use a nickname notate that 
-Call the Wexner Medical Center's COVID-19 call center at (614) 293-4000 for guidance. 

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