COVID-19 Guidance

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Request Research/Extension Exemptions

Research and Extension Activities
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

August 13, 2020 Update: Effective August 13, 2020 CFAES will no longer require exemptions for research involving field, greenhouse, or animal work.  Research activities and associated limits in our buildings will be managed by unit leaders under the Office of Research staged reopening process.

University Announcements

CFAES-ALL Message Archive - An archive of update messages from Dean Kress 

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IT Support

For technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk offers 24-hour support, seven days a week, via email and phone.
-Phone: 614-688-4357call 614-514-4848 x3 for Wooster
-Self-Service and Chat support:
-Text Telephone for the Deaf: 614-688-8743
If you have any accessibility concerns related to working remotely, contact the Digital Accessibility Center for assistance.

Federal Agency Updates

Requesting a No-Cost Extension on Sponsored Projects - 3/26/20
NIFA Updates - 3/19/20
COVID-19 Sponsor Updates - 3/18/20


General questions:
Travel related questions:
Travel reporting: 
Your research program: Sponsored Program Officers 
IRB Protocols:
General Research:

COVID-19 Case Reporting
If you receive a report, confirmed or unconfirmed, that a member of your team has been exposed to or has contracted coronavirus (COVID-19), please email Brandi and Nicole, your CFAES HR Business Partners. Faculty and staff report directly to Brandi and Nicole, in an email addressed to both of them. 

Please include the following information: 
-If ther person is hospitalized, where? 
-Timelines (when did they fall ill/when confirmed) 
-Is this suspected or confirmed? 
-Location of work if different 
-Location of Office 
-Dot number
-Employee ID
-Full Name - if they use a nickname notate that 
-Call the Wexner Medical Center's COVID-19 call center at (614) 293-4000 for guidance. 

Funding opportunities

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities - 2/29/21
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COVID-19 Funding Opportunities - 4/28/20
COVID-19 Funding Opportunities - 4/13/20
COVID-19 Funding Opportunities - 3/27/20

Business Essential Travel – Exception Approval

If business travel is being considered because it is essential, please consult the CFAES resource guide to follow the process for requesting the trip. The resource guide has been added to the CFAES Return to Offices and Campuses. The guide includes guiding principles for Business Essential Travel, requirements during the University’s travel restriction period, and a chart showing the approval process. Questions should be directed to the department fiscal officer.

I Need To:  

Complete a Health Check

All CFAES personnel will report their daily health status if they plan to be on our Columbus, Wooster, or Statewide Campus (e.g., Extension offices and research stations), doing field work, or interacting face-to-face with the community on behalf of Ohio State.

The steps to report are simple (view health check flow chart):
1.     Take your temperature.
2.     Log in to the health reporting tool via or the Ohio State app (under the "about you" section).
3.     Record your temperature and answer other health reporting questions.
4.     Receive your daily health passport. This passport is good during the day it was submitted. 
       RED = Stay home and contact your supervisor
       GREEN = Clear to come to campus
       YELLOW = Time to report your health check

If you make a mistake while answering the questions, repeat the process.

Learn more about the pilot, process, participants, and FAQs on the Health Reporting Pilot webpage.


Return to Campus Training
All faculty, staff and students returning to offices or campuses must complete an online training course and the Together As Buckeyes Pledge form. The pledge acknowledges an understanding of and commitment to the behaviors described in the training. It is not a legal waiver. The 10-minute training is available in BuckeyeLearn and the pledge will be signed upon completion of the course.  

Completing the training and signing the pledge are mandatory for all faculty, staff and students returning to offices or campuses. Those who have already been working on campus should take the online training and sign the pledge as soon as possible. For those not physically returning to a campus, the training and pledge need to be completed by the start of autumn semester on August 25.

The training course will cover expectations for daily health checks, personal protection such as face masks, hygiene, staying informed and more.

To complete the training:  
1. Go to and sign in.
2. Click on “My Transcript”
3. Find the “Together as Buckeyes” training (you may have to sort by “Active”) and click on “Open Curriculum”.
4. Launch the Safe and Healthy Campus training
5. Once you have completed the training you will need to complete the pledge as well.


Visit to review your direct report's health check.


Link for submitting a secure accommodation request due to COVID-19 (for your own health, the health of someone you live with, child/elder care, etc.):


CFAES Events and In-person Program Proposal Process can be found here:

Our CFAES team has worked with university guidance to develop a CFAES Events process for approving in-person programming and events. It includes two tracks: 1) In-person programming/educational events by our OSU professionals, and 2) the events organized at one of our 27 facilities or event centers by external customers. The process for both will be similar to the current Research Exemption approval including a form to submit, committee review, and additional guidance following approval. 


• General Ohio State signage can be downloaded or ordered through UniPrint here.
• CFAES-specific signage can be downloaded here

For additional information on signage please visit:


If you have existing desktop computer(s) on campus that you would like to access, please see the article on OCIO Remote Access Powered by Guacamole. This service will allow a remote session that connects to existing desktop computers or specific OSU servers, and will allow you to access them through a web browser. For assistance with OCIO Remote Access powered by Guacamole, please contact the IT Service Desk, or through the self-service portal located at


As part of a CFAES telework or accommodation agreement, you may establish a window of time with your supervisor to retrieve university owned items from buildings to help facilitate your work.  If an accommodation is sought, individuals are expected to account for and detail (service tags, serial numbers, models to the best of their ability) all removed university property as part of the accommodation process, as well as notify CFAES HR of any future changes. If an official accommodation is not sought or needed due to a continuation of an existing telework agreement, additional relocated items are expected to be detailed and accounted for in an updated telework form signed by the employee and direct supervisor, then submitted to CFAES HR.