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CORW Highlights

It's Celebration of Research Week for CFAES so we asked our STARS cohort, "why did you get involved in research?"

Jera Elizondo Niewoehner-Green, PhD headshot next to a photo of her in grad school.Tuesday

"I think I was a social scientist before I knew what one was. I often found myself thinking about systemic issues that were influencing the high school students I worked with as a teacher. Their ability to thrive was intricately tied to sociopolitical and sociocultural factors. There was not just one thing one could point to that determined their success or struggle. When I attended graduate school, I got excited that you could study these factors and consider strategies to improve livelihoods."

-Dr. Jera Niewoehner-Green, ACEL

A current headshot of Dr. Garrett Owen next to a photo of him in grad school under the text, "Why did you get involved in research?" Wednesday

"At the beginning of my academic career, I aspired to be a Greenhouse Specialist for a land-grant university. I did not fully realize how important [applied] research was integrated into Extension Specialist positions until I had the opportunity to visit greenhouses with the North Carolina and Indiana State Floriculture Extension Specialists.

During those visits, I observed how research was translated into practical action to solve greenhouse grower challenges that impacted their businesses and livelihoods. It was then, that I knew, research was important, and you have unlimited opportunities to a make a difference for one or more growers."

-Dr. Garrett Owen, HCS

A current headshot of Dr. Scott Kenney next to a photo of him as a postdoctoral scholar in the lab behind the text, "Why did you get involved in research?"Thursday

"I have been passionate about science and animals from the time I took advanced placement biology in highschool. Science has always been the most challenging academic discipline to me and I love that challenge.

I had many great mentors who continued kindling the flames of curiosity within me and instilled their passion for science. I still love the excitement of doing and observing things that nobody else has done or seen before while contributing to animal and human health."

-Dr. Scott Kenney, CFAH