Chip Styer

Professional Headshot of Chip Styer
Chip Styer
Resource Planning Analyst
209 Q Research Services Building, Wooster Campus

Chip Styer is a Resource Planning Analyst in the Office for Research and Graduate Education, specializing in data analytics and visualizations. Soon after joining OSU in 1999, Chip launched the Unified Reporting System for the college, the first online faculty-staff reporting system at OSU. It has since been supplanted by university-wide systems; OSU:Pro, then Research In View, and now Vita. Chip supports reporting and analytics in all areas of the college and is available to consult on reports and data visualizations, and on Qualtrics surveys.

Chip earned his B.S. in microbiology from The Ohio State University in 1976, and his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1982. After graduate school he worked at DNA Plant Technology (DNAP), a biotechnology company in New Jersey, managing projects using somaclonal variation in a variety of crops and asexual propagation of carrots employing bioreactors. At DNAP, he gained experience in laboratory automation, increasing analytical throughput from 1000 samples a month to 10,000 a month. Chip moved to Ohio in 1991 when his wife, Sally Miller, joined the OSU faculty in Wooster. She is currently a CFAES Distinguished Professor in Plant Pathology.