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Research News - September 2022

Sep. 6, 2022
Graduate student, Rahul Venkatram holding a pipette in the lab under the newsletter title, Research News - September 2022

Inside this Issue

  • Several interesting developments with the legislative process in Washington, D.C. have potential impacts on our research & extension.
  • The CFAES Office for Research & Graduate Education is pleased to announce the FY 2023 R&GE Internal Grants Program (IGP) RFP.
  • National Research Administrator Day is observed annually on 9/25 and recognizes contributions made by administrators daily.
  • Policy Reminder - Export Controls: What are Export Controls, Roles & Responsibilities, Export Controls & Cyber Security

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Funding Opportunties 

As funding opportunities are announced we will compile a full list on our website. The web page will be updated periodically as new opportunities are discovered.

  • Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program
    CFPCGP is intended to bring together stakeholders from distinct parts of the food system and to foster understanding of national food security trends and how they might improve local food systems. Communities partially or fully located in Opportunity Zones are particularly encouraged to apply.
    Deadline: October 7, 2022

  • North Central Sustainable Ag Research & Extension 
    The North Central Region SARE (NCR-SARE) Research and Education (R&E) Grant Program is a competitive grant program for researchers and educators involved in projects that explore and promote environmentally sound, profitable, and socially responsible food and/or fiber systems.
    Deadline: October 13, 2022

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Autumn view of woman looking at Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.Keeping an Eye on Washington

Gary Pierzynski, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education

Several interesting developments with the legislative process in Washington, D.C. have potential impacts on our research and extension programs, both of which illustrate and utilize the roles of land grant universities. The recent passage of the Chips and Science Act provides assurances that the federal government will provide assistance for domestic manufacturing of computer chips, and therefore helps assure that Intel will fully develop the manufacturing facilities in New Albany, a boost to the Ohio economy.

The Act also provides substantial funding for research that represents future opportunities for the CFAES research community. GrowBasic Research within the National Science Foundation will support early-stage research with a focus on revolutionary ideas for the food-energy-water system, sustainability chemistry, risk and resilience, clean water systems, technology and behavioral health, and precision agriculture – all areas within our expertise and capabilities. Biological and environmental research will get a boost within the Department of Energy expanding biological systems science, environmental, and climate science programs relevant to DOE’s energy, environment, and national security missions. Details on timing and the exact nature of the requests for proposals are forthcoming. However, in both cases, we are provided a rare opportunity knowing that something is on the horizon, giving us ample time to plan before firm deadlines are announced.

A second piece of legislation is the Inflation Reduction Act which provides funding for agricultural conservation and to safeguard forests. Funds would support conservation programs that encourage landowners and managers to adopt climate-friendly practices including planting cover crops, improved water management, and conserving grasslands and forests that sequester carbon. These efforts will create greater demand for extension programming, and for the skilled workforce that our academic programs provide. I encourage you to watch for details as these new initiatives are developed and respond to the new opportunities as they arise.

A smart watch on the wrist of an arm on a blue backgroundSpotlight

  • Outside Activities & Conflicts Policy Effective September 1
    This single, comprehensive policy combines four previous policies addressing university ethical expectations, research conflicts of interest regulations, and other federal and state laws governing financial and fiduciary conflicts of interest.

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  • 2022-2023 Virtual NIH Grants Conference
    This reimagined conference on program funding & grants administration will be free! This is a fantastic opportunity for faculty/staff professional development. NIH is planning pre-conference events each month until the two-day conference in February.

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  • The GDSU Pre-Award Team Appreciates Your Patience
    GDSU is currently short-staffed. While the office is still available to assist with your questions & submissions, be sure to request our services as early as possible and expect a longer-than-normal response time. We look forward to hearing from you!


Female Researcher Administrator working on paperwork and typing on a laptop an officeNew & Newsworthy

National Research Administrator Day
National Research Administrator Day is observed annually on September 25. This is a day to recognize contributions made by administrators every day. Research administrators and managers serve an important role in supporting research by assisting faculty and researchers, protecting the institution or organization, and assuring sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars. Research administration exists in many organizations around the world, from higher education to non-profit organizations. Starting with a small number of individuals in the late 1940s, there are now thousands of acknowledged professionals worldwide. Research administrators and managers provide value and expertise to the global research enterprise. Don’t forget to thank your Research Administrators!

How We Became Research Administrators
The unexpected career path to research administration Ever wonder how you become a research administrator? Many people don’t even know the field exists! We talked to four Cayuse staffers who have worked in the field about how their careers in research administration began. Visit the Cayuse blog to read their stories.

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FY23 Internal Grants Program – Request for Proposals Now Available!
The CFAES Office for Research & Graduate Education is pleased to announce the FY 2023 R&GE Internal Grants Program (IGP) Request for Proposals. Internal Grants Program Awards are intended to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase the competitiveness of researchers in extramural grant programs 
  • Enhance and encourage creative and innovative research needed to prepare competitive extramural proposals 
  • Encourage the development of intellectual property 
  • Promote the creation of faculty teams to develop competitive extramural grant applications by addressing immediate needs.

Researcher sitting in a green house working on a laptopThe three competition categories open for 2022 include the New Researcher Incentive Program, the Immediate Needs Program, and the Intellectual Property Accelerator Program.


Interested in learning more about IGP? Join us for an info session on:

  • Tuesday, September 20 from 1:00-2:00 PM – Register Now
  • Wednesday, September 21 from 9:00-10:00 AM – Register Now
  • Thursday, September 22 from 10:00-11:00 AM – Register Now

All proposals will be due Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. Please direct all questions to or visit for more information.

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Robot hand holding wisps of data HackOHI/O Partners w/Buckeye Accelerator
Set your most talented students up with the chance to make friends, network with professionals, win outstanding prizes and earn a spot in the President's Buckeye Accelerator Program at OSU's premier hackathon HackOHI/O.

This 24-hr experiential learning opportunity will result in teams stretching their skills and drawing on all of their classroom knowledge to collaborate. HackOHI/O is October 8-9 at the student Union and online.

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Person's hands on a keyboard with a monitor in front of themUpdate your Information in Cayuse
Please instruct PIs to login to Cayuse & select the People tab.

  • Search for your name
  • Click on your name to open the profile
  • To change dept/title info, click Dept / Division / Title
  • To change contact info, click Contact Info

Difficulties? Please email The email should include name & information that needs to be updated.

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Policy Reminder, Export Controls

Did you know?
Cloud-based videoconferencing systems, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, are not export control compliant. Researchers should not discuss or share export-controlled data or technology (including screenshots, screenshares, recordings) using these videoconferencing systems, as these cloud-based systems are without end-to-end encryption protections and users can be located all over the world.  Only use export compliant data-sharing and collaboration tools for sharing export-controlled data and technology. Review the Ohio State cyber security policy 

What are Export Controls?
Export Controls are federal laws that govern how technology, technical data, technical assistance, and items or materials (from software to satellites and more) are physically or electronically exported, shipped, transmitted, transferred, or shared from the U.S. to foreign countries, persons, or entities. These laws protect national security and U.S. foreign policy interests, prevent terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and preserve U.S. economic competitiveness.

Researcher Roles and Responsibilities
As an Ohio State investigator, you are expected to:

  • Answer the Export Control questions on the ePA-005 to the best of your knowledge
  • Respond to any follow-up questions regarding export controls 
  • Complete a Technology Control Plan when and as applicable
  • Verify with the Export Controls Officer if export controls apply when traveling internationally to conduct research or for research-related activity (e.g., conferences)

One of the most common needs we see for export controls on a PA-005 is international travel. Please be sure to check the export control box in 6J if your project involves any foreign travel. Clicking on the  Export Control? link while creating your PA-005 will also give you five other areas where an export control plan may be needed. Selecting "yes" will result in a notification to the Export Control Administrator, who will contact you for additional information as needed. Note that selecting "yes" will not affect the submission of the proposal. See the Office of Research website for more information or contact the Export Control Administrator at for additional information regarding Export Controls.

Questions Learn More Review Cyber Security Policy

Updated Controlled Substances Training Available
The University requires that all employees (faculty, staff, and students) that have access to controlled substances complete an annual training.  The training has been moved into a virtual environment in BuckeyeLearn.  We ask that you watch this short 25-minute video in the next 30 days, so we can continue to be complaint with the federal regulations and university policy.


  • Go to BuckeyeLearn
  • Search for Controlled Substances in Research. Below is a screen shot of the training.
  • Once the training is complete, you will need to manually mark it as completed before it will register on your transcript (and by marking it complete, you will not continue to receive more emails!)

After the training is complete, please visit our website at:  to review the resource material referred to in the video and familiarize yourself with the CFAES controlled substances program.

BuckeyeLearn CFAES Controlled Substances

Screenshot of controlled substances training screen in BuckeyeLearn





Recent Awards

  • Andy Michel - ENT, Mark Sulc - HCS, Kelley Tilmon - ENT, Aaron Wilson - ANR, $868,104: FORAGE: Fall armyworm outreach and research for alfalfa growers and educators, National Institute of Food and Agriculture

  • Andy Michel - ENT, $499,928: Remembering a forgotten pest: Bt resistance and monitoring in European Corn Borer, National Institute of Food and Agriculture

  • Sam Abdoul - AEDE, $40,000: Globalization and sustainability in the 21st century, Eurasia Foundation

  • Pamela Bennet - Extension Clark County,  $23,060: Staffing for local foods programming, Clark County Commissioners

  • Mary Gardiner - ENT, $1,599,748: DISES: Addressing dynamic landscape inequalities in human well-being and bee health by greening, National Science Foundation Div of Environmental Biology

  • Pat Bebo - EXT, Erik J. Porfeli - EHE, Daniel T. Remley - Family and Consumer Sciences, Andy W. Wapner - Public Health, $1,091,940: Ohio public health AmeriCorps, OH Commission on Service and Volunteerism

  • Guo-Liang Wang - Plant Path, $60,000: Genetic analysis of the sheath blight resistance in IR8 and functional analysis of the candidate gene OsABC9 to rhizoctonia solani, USDA ARS

  • Julie Fox - EXT Franklin County, $115,779: Urban Roots, Franklin County Board of Commissioners

  • Peter Ling - FABE, $26,187: Plant extraction for future genomic sequencing onboard space flights, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Events & Opportunities

  • The Research Enterprise at Ohio State and Working with PIs
    Learn how research administration fits into the Enterprise Project & how to engage with faculty
    September 8 from 9:00-10:30 AM
  • Better Research through Better Mentoring – Part 1
    Enhance your mentoring skills & receive materials to support effective mentoring of grad students & pdocs
    September 13 & 15 from 3:00-5:00 PM
  • Budgeting on Sponsored Programs Proposals
    Budgeting for sponsored programs, items of costs, OMB circulars, F&A rates/bases, benefit rates
    September 20 from 2:30-4:00 PM

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