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Changes to Limited Submission Proposal Opportunities Process

Oct. 5, 2020

Changes to Limited Submission Proposal Opportunities Process

(From an email sent from Laurie A. Neer, Research Development Office - OSU on September 22, 2020.) The Research Development Office (RDO) has changed how it handles limited submission proposals. In the past, we identified and distributed all limited opportunities via the Office of Research’s Research Funding and Awards application. However, only a small number of these opportunities were competed. To streamline and make time for more productive activities, we will now only list those opportunities that are typically competed or where Ohio State prefers one very competitive proposal for strategic reasons. 

If a PI expresses interest in a limited submission opportunity that is not already listed, the PI/research administrator needs to first contact their SPO who will notify the RDO and proceed as follows:

  • Sponsor due date is within 6 weeks - the RDO will list the opportunity and designate the PI as the nominee. In other words, first come first served! 
  • Sponsor due date is more than 6 weeks - the RDO will post the opportunity to allow any other interested PIs a chance to submit a preproposal.

Additional guidance:

  • Going forward, the OR Research Funding and Awards application will only list programs which the Office of Research, the RDO, or the Office of Foundations Relations is actively managing.  
  • PIs need to first contact their SPO to determine eligibility for a limited program; PIs/administrators need to include their intent to apply for the limited program, the name of the opportunity with URL, and a brief, one paragraph, description of the project.
  • The RDO will no longer be sending out limited submission funding opportunity alerts; however, PIs and research administrators are welcome to access resources to assist with funding identification, e.g., SPIN Funding Opportunity database [here is a link to a recording of a recent SPIN training session held by RDO]. In addition, we are working on sponsor-specific and general proposal writing toolkits; stay tuned for information on that in the near future.
  • Please contact Laurie Neer ( for assistance with this process or with questions.