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Research & Graduate Education Annual Report for FY20

Cover page for CFAES R&GE Annual Report FY20 The first CFAES Office for Research & Graduate Education Annual Report for fiscal year 2020 is now available. The report includes:

  • A message from Dr. Gary Pierzynski
  • Research metrics
  • Highlights of research taking place in our college
  • 2020 Research Award Winners 
  • CFAES R&GE Team Directory

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CFAES FY20 Research in Review Infographic 

The CFAES Office for Research and Graduate Education has released the fiscal year 2020 Research in Review Infographic. The Research in Review highlights CFAES research expenditures, submissions, awards, and projects taking place over the course of the past fiscal year. The infographic has been released annually since 2017 as a summation of the accomplishments of the researchers working in our college. Questions regarding any data listed in the infographic can be directed to Lori Kaser.37.

Research in Review FY20

Research in Review Infographic with Data regarding research that took place in CFAES over fiscal year 2020Download PDF

Research in Review FY19

 Research in Review Infographic. CFAES research data for FY19Download PDF

Research in Review FY18

Research in Review Infographic. CFAES research data for FY18. Download PDF

Research in Review FY17

Download PDFFY17 CFAES Research in Review Infographic


Research & Graduate Education - 5 Year Trend 

5 Year Trend FY16-20

Download PDF5 Year Trend Infographic. CFAES research data for FY16-FY20.

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