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The Ohio State University is the model 21st-century public, land grant, research, urban, community engaged institution.


The University is dedicated to:

  • Creating and discovering knowledge to improve the well-being of our state, regional, national and global communities;
  • Educating students through a comprehensive array of distinguished academic programs;
  • Preparing a diverse student body to be leaders and engaged citizens;
  • Fostering a culture of engagement and service.

We understand that diversity and inclusion are essential components of our excellence.


Shared values are the commitments made by the University community in how we conduct our work. At The Ohio State University we value:

  • Excellence
  • Diversity in people and of ideas
  • Inclusion
  • Access and affordability
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration and multidisciplinary endeavor
  • Integrity, transparency, and trust


In her first year, President Kristina M. Johnson outlined the following four broad goals for the university:

Academic excellence and a culture of true inclusiveness — with outstanding faculty who attract great students and staff, all of whom learn from each other.

Excellence in research and creative expression — as we generate brilliant ideas in laboratories, libraries, art studios and fields and pastures.

Excellence in entrepreneurship and partnership — as we move our discoveries into the communities in which we live and serve.

Excellence in service to the state of Ohio, the nation and the world — we need to be accessible, affordable, innovative and caring.

CFAES Values

Land-Grant Scholarship

  • Embrace a land-grant approach that not only includes (values) the scholarship of discovery but also values the scholarship of teaching and the scholarship of engagement (Extension and outreach)
  • Valuing innovation in discovering, translating and disseminating knowledge toward meaningful outcomes.

Lifespan Learning

  • Engaging with individuals across the lifespan to deliver relevant and valuable learning experiences.
  • Being viewed as a trusted source of knowledge for our students, participants, and stakeholders as they continue their growth in their career or in life.
  • Emphasizing learner-centered approaches that promote critical thinking.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Recognizing the importance of not only being able to engage with people from diverse backgrounds around issues of food, agriculture, and the environment, but taking intentional action to ensure that anyone who wants a place at the CFAES table feels welcome and valued.
  • Living up to our CFAES Principles of Community

Integrity and Accountability

  • Doing the right thing when no one’s looking. Being transparent; building trust.
  • Holding ourselves accountable to the public we serve and ourselves via science-based knowledge; acting responsibly and justly in our actions and decisions.

Permeable Borders

  • Embracing collaboration beyond partnerships; converting “we-they” to “us”
  • Engaging whether within the university (interdisciplinary work), business and industry, non-governmental organizations, communities, or other universities.
  • Being trusted and valued collaborators

CFAES Grand Challenges

An overall summary of the CFAES external environment context is found in the four identified Grand Challenges that our world is facing. Nearly everything we do is aimed at addressing one or more of these. Our response is rooted at the intersections of teaching, research, and engagement.

  1. Sustainability - simultaneously ensuring viable agriculture production, food security and safety, and environmental and ecosystem sustainability.
  2. One health - studying the intersections or interactions among human, animal, and environmental health.
  3. Rural-urban interface - exploring the tensions and opportunities created in the communities, industries, policies, economies, and communications among rural and urban residents.
  4. Leadership - preparing the next generation of scientists and leaders. 

2021 CFAES Strategic Alignment & Plan