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OSU Symposium on Large Language Models

Presented in partnership by the Translational Data Analytics Institute Foundations of Data Science & AI community of practice and the Institute for Cybersecurity & Digital Trust

Organizers: Huan Sun, Subhadeep Paul, Raef Bassily (CoP of Foundations of Data Science and AI, TDAI; Faculty Affiliates of ICDT) 

Description of the symposium: The primary objective of this symposium is to foster synergistic partnerships at OSU between researchers working on Large Language Models (LLMs, a.k.a. foundation models) and others in various fields.

The event intends to delineate tangible opportunities for collaborations. During the symposium, participants are encouraged to engage in discussions pertaining to captivating and motivational grand challenge scenarios, spanning theoretical and practical realms. These challenges necessitate a fusion of LLM researchers' expertise with the proficiency of domain experts in field X. These challenges also align with societal needs and national priorities, showcasing potential for substantial real-world impact. Participants are urged to explore key questions such as: What are such challenges? How can they benefit from LLMs + X collaboration? How to facilitate their seamless collaboration?