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BIIG Connections – AI + X for Good

From cancer detection to self-driving cars to text and image generation, the AI revolution is at our doorstep.

BIIG Collaborations

To realize the benefits of AI technology for the good of society, there is an urgent need for the design and deployment of AI methods and technologies that address global challenges and mitigate the risk of harm. How is AI accountable for its decisions? How can we reduce bias? How can we create technologies that are reliable and safe? How can we protect privacy and security? How can we use AI to make the world a better place?

BIIG Connections – AI + X for Good is an in-person interdisciplinary networking event for researchers and scholars interested in these questions and more. AI + X represents the many fields that do and could interface with AI – whether your interests are in climate, health, agriculture, education, or beyond, all are welcome to explore the intersection of AI and various domains. Presented by the Office of Knowledge Enterprise in collaboration with the Translational Data Analytics Institute, BIIG Connections helps researchers break down traditional research silos, make new connections, and find support for their next BIIG idea.

Faculty (all ranks, all tracks), research staff, and post-docs are invited to:

  • Provide a one-slide lightning introduction to your work and needs using a pre-designed template
  • Participate in focused (and fun!) engagement activities to expand your network and find collaborators
  • Learn about upcoming opportunities and resources for continued networking and research development through the BIIG Collaborations program